Raspberry sensation

Sweet raspberry jam made with fresh raspberries, raspberry ganache in a dark chocolate. 

My Peanut

Sea salt caramel, peanut cream, banana cream and honey caramelized and roasted peanuts in milk chocolate.


Tropical Explosion

Mango and passion fruit with a layer of white chocolate ganache finished with a cookie crumbs in a white chocolate.

Color Purple

Creamy layer of mascarpone, delicious caramel, white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate. Dream come true!!!

Sea Salt caramel

Our delicious runny Sea Salt caramel with macadamia nut will melt your heart in a milk chocolate.

My love hazelnut

Hazelnut praline with a layer of roasted hazelnuts in a milk chocolate.Go nuts with hazelnuts!!!


Light tangy lemon cream, dark chocolate ganache and a layer of caramelized almonds in a white chocolate. 

Cherry Blossom

Are you ready?! Cherry jam, cherry ganache, dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate. You will be hooked!!!


Strawberry ganache, milk chocolate ganache, waffle crunch in a ruby chocolate. Perfect combinations to keep coming back for more…

OH my apricot!!!

Pieces of Turkish dried apricot, apricot jam, dark ganache finished with toasted pine nuts in a white chocolate. I feel fantastic!!!

Island Vibes!!!

Coconut ganduja, runny caramel in a white chocolate shell. Never felt better!!!

Dragon Breath

Love some heat?! Dark chocolate ganache with just right amount of pepper in a dark chocolate. You won’t feel it until you are done, it will catch you by surprise… 


Berry cream and blackberry ganache with a layer of crunchy pearls in a dark chocolate

Coffee and cream

Here you go my coffee lovers!!! Try my Vanilla ganache, coffee ganache and Oreo cookie in a dark chocolate shell. Its Love at first bite!!!


If you are a sweet tooth you will love our blueberry. Blueberry jam, blueberry ganache in a white chocolate

Originated in Southern Spain, went through many changes traveling through Western Hemisphere just to end up in our bonbon

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